Tuppal Food and Fibre Festival

What will we have for people to see, do and experience?

Our 3 day festival set around the Iconic Tuppal Woolshed. First built in 1864 as a blade shed it was remodelled and extended in 1900 when it became a machine shearing shed.

You will be able to walk through the shed, see blade and machine shearing while you feel and experience the history of 174 years of the wool industry in Australia and view the magnificent architecture of Murray pine and red gum timbers that were milled on the spot and converted from a forest to a working woolshed for 150 people shearing 150,000 sheep each year.

The Fibre marquee will have displays of how cotton is grown and processed, wool displays that show various types and qualities of wool and what they are used for. Example, Romney wool is used for carpets, fine merino, 16 micron wool is used for upmarket Italian suits.

There will be a fashion parade of the latest fashions from the Runway 101 collection of the Wool Board, fashions from RM Williams as this is all cotton and fashions from the Australian Alpaca Association as a home produced and made product.

In the Grain and Oilseed marquee we will grow wheat, oats and barley in potato bins for display at various stages, explained by corflute signage, and then grind the wheat to flour and give some students a small bag of flour to take outside to the camp oven operators. With their help they will mix the flour with water and make a dough ball of damper, put it in the camp oven to cook in 2-3 minutes, get some butter they have just seen made in the dairy marquee, some honey from the apiarist display and then EAT! We will do this with other grains and oilseeds as well.

They will be eating food that they literally saw being made and grown before their very eyes and understand that the farmer grew and made it.

Likewise, in the dairy marquee, milk a cow, separate the milk into cream and skim milk(Rev), make the butter, make the cheese.

Milking the cow at 6am we will make the Ricotta cheese and you can eat it, sweet and sticky, at 10am.

Young Australians and their families will see their food made in front of their very eyes, this is the message. And who makes it, the farmer!

Then we show digitally the scale of production today with 60 cow rotary dairies, milk tankers to the factory, production in the factories and finally transported to the supermarket where we all shop.

The message, your food starts with the Farmer.

Similar in all the other marquees. The message is that the farmer grows the food they eat every day.

Many people, politicians and organisations talk about this all the time. We will do it! That is why people get so excited when we first explain our concept.


Focus on Education and Careers.

We will have a focus on education on the Friday with 5000 students attending from schools and colleges in the Riverina and Goulburn Valley.

We have already instigated a book writing program throughout 18 schools in that will research and write books about our 7 categories of food and fibre production in NSW along the river in co-operation with The Murray Darling Association. Students in year 5 and 6 will research our seven categories of Food and Fibre, visit farms and factories, write, in their words, a book, illustrate the story and the books will be launched on Friday 17th October. It does not stop there as the books then go into the classroom of year 2,3 and 4 for them to learn to read and also learn about the food they eat! A magnificent ongoing program!

We will focus on young Australian students in primary, secondary and tertiary education. We will focus on careers in Agriculture from the Plant Scientist, to the Dairy Technician, the Dairy Farmer to the grain sales people selling wheat to Beijing and all in between.

We have been fortunate to gain much support from the industry organisations that will supply equipment and product to assist us to complete this display and this co-operation will be recognised on our website as part of a sponsorship packages.

As part of the displays we will have 3 stalls in each marquee that will have career people prepared to talk to year 9 and 10 students and parents about their career, incomes and the pathway to be successful. For example, an agronomist from IK Caldwell, the Food and Fibre Officer from the Victorian Farmers Federation, a Lab Technician from Murray Goulburn and a Production Manager from SPC and a Business Banker from the banking industry.

These people will be available on the stand for 30 minutes before another career person takes over the stand for their sector.

We are planning this process with the assistance of our educators so it can be pitched to career teachers in secondary schools and colleges over the next few months. A program will be created so the students will be able to speak with the selected person at a specific time.

This means that students and parents will have access to around 80 career people for the “schools Friday” and similar on Saturday and Sunday.

This will give students in years 9 and 10 an opportunity to gain invaluable career information literally “from the horse’s mouth!”

This program will run for the 3 days of the festival as we will advertise it on our website and expect parents to bring their children on the weekend to seek this advice.

I am sorry if this is an epistle but I want you to understand more clearly what the 3 day festival is about and the message it gives. This message will be amongst other associated displays and markets and some entertainment as well. In the farmers market of nearly 200 sites you will be able to buy fresh fruit, veg, meat and eggs and many other products for the household that you have never seen fresher that at our festival.

Just picked, just made, just for you.

This is our message of food security, quality of the production chain, buy Australian and understand, that as a consumer you have the power to change the system to support the farmers in the country. And, besides all the above the people will have a great country experience!

You might be pleased that I am finished now but you might also have a better picture of why you should consider being involved with the Tuppal Food and Fibre Festival and the 30,000 people that will attend.

Thanking you,

Ross Bodey

Tuppal Food and Fibre Festival

A not for profit community association.

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