Cows for Cambodia, a South Australian based charity, requested BlazeAid’s assistance to erect several kilometres of fences for a project they have running in Cambodia.  This task, being well outside our core role of assisting Aussie farmers following natural disasters, will in no way be organised or funded by BlazeAid.  The BlazeAid Committee has agreed however, to canvass a few of our past volunteers who are known to be well-skilled in fencing, who might be interested in volunteering with Cows for Cambodia.  The fencing project is likely to last for approximately 2-3 weeks in April/May 2017.
It should be stressed that anyone volunteering with Cows for Cambodia will do so entirely at their own expense including airfares, vaccinations and travel insurance.  NO BLAZEAID FUNDS WILL BE EXPENDED ON THIS PROJECT.   BlazeAid has always had magnificent support from its many donors throughout Australia who give so freely so we can support our Aussie farmers in times of need.  Helping Australian communities to recover from natural disasters will always remain BlazeAid’s priority.
Any past BlazeAid volunteers who would like to volunteer with Cows for Cambodia (at their own expense) and use the fencing skills obtained while working with BlazeAid, can contact Vice President Brian on 0428 984-117 for additional information.  While fencing will be the main object of the trip, volunteers will also be involved in other very satisfying humanitarian projects.  See for additional information on this very worthwhile project.  

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