Tax Deductible Donation- FRRR

Thank you for donating to BlazeAid.
Your donation is very much appreciated, and will enable us to continue to help families in rural Australia affected by the devastation of natural disasters.

If you DO NEED Tax Deductibility for your Donation

Please donate via the Foundation For Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), which has established a donation account for BlazeAid. Donations to this account are tax deductible.

Please only use this method if you need Tax Deductibility. Details for non-tax deductible donations are available on our Donations page.

To make a Tax Deductible donation, you can do so in one of the following four ways.

1/ Donate Online by Credit Card then follow these steps:
Click here
Fill-in your personal details & under the heading “FRRR hosted donation accounts (for community groups)”, click on the drop-down box “Select an Account” and click on BlazeAid.

2/ Credit Card,
CLICK HERE to download the Donation Form and mail it to BlazeAid with your Credit Card details.

3/ Direct Deposit
To make a Direct Deposit into FRRR’s Bank Account:
Account Name: Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal
BSB: 633 000
Account No: 144 419 736
Details: Your name

CLICK HERE to download the Donation Form, and mail or email it to BlazeAid with details of your payment.

4/ Cheque
Please make Cheques payable to:
Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal
CLICK HERE  to download the Donation Form, and mail this with your cheque to

PO Box 73
Kilmore  Vic  3764

Debbie 0418 990 172

Donated funds from this account are then made available to BlazeAid for us to finance our ongoing operations. 100% of donated funds are passed on to BlazeAid by FRRR as they are donating administration costs.

Please make sure that you fill out one of the Blazeaid Donation Form and send it to FRRR. They can’t issue a receipt to you without your full name and postal address. If you’re not able to print this form, please email us to advise us that you’ve made a deposit into our FRRR account. Please include your name, address, donation amount and date, and we’ll forward this information to FRRR.

BlazeAid will forward a Receipt to you from FRRR for your tax records. Please note, it may take a number of weeks for your Receipt to arrive from our volunteers. If you require an immediate Receipt, please contact us and one can be sent to you directly from FRRR.

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