Bororen QLD 2017

Cyclone Debbie QLD
Camp Status:  CLOSED

Fencing Starting:  22nd May 2017
Address: Bororen Hall Grounds
GPS co-ordinates:  
Wendy Cope
Mobile: 0438 952 116

BEFORE ARRIVING: Please contact the basecamp at least the day prior to your intended arrival so we can include you in a team and put your name on the dinner list.  If possible, you should aim to arrive prior to 5pm.

LOCATION: Bororen Hall Grounds

DIRECTIONS: Bororen is a town and locality in the Gladstone Region, Queensland, Australia.

BREAKFAST: From 6.30am

MUSTER:  7.15am  Mandatory for all volunteers working that day.
**If you are volunteering for a day at a time then returning home, you MUST be at our basecamp no later than 7am each morning and we MUST know that you are coming.

MEALS:  All meals will be provided.  Anyone with special dietary requirements may need to provide their own meals.

AMENITIES: Power Site for self contained Caravan/Camper/Tents/Swags, Showers and Toilets provided.

PHARMACY: No Pharmacy awaiting more information.

FUEL: Fuel is available in Bororen

SUPERMARKET:  Miriam Vale, awaiting conformation.

INSURANCE: As a condition of BlazeAid’s insurance, volunteers are not permitted to ride motor cycles, quad bikes, or ride in the back of utilities or trailers. As a general rule, a volunteer should not be on or in any conveyance that is not fitted with a seatbelt. Volunteers between 12 yrs and 80 yrs are insured while working with BlazeAid.

TETANUS & AMBULANCE COVER: Please ensure your tetanus vaccination is up to date and that you are covered for ambulance transport. Medicare & Our Insurer does not cover the cost of emergency transport or other ambulance services. … Health Care Concession Card, Pensioner Concession Card, and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders are entitled to free ambulance transport services.

PPE: We will provide Personal Protective Equipment however, if you have some good working gloves, we would appreciate it if you brought them with you.

PETS: Under no circumstances will dogs or other pets be allowed at this camp.

What To Bring: Old clothes – preferably long pants and long sleeved shirt (needed to help protect you from sunburn and barbed wire scratches), a broad-brimmed hat, Suitable shoes/boots/gumboots.




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