Helping communities recover after natural disasters.


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BlazeAid is a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, our volunteers help to rebuild fences that have been damaged or destroyed.


Equally important, volunteers also help to lift the spirits of people who are often facing their second or third flood event after years of drought, or devastating losses through bushfires. BlazeAid volunteers work in a disaster-affected area for many months, not only helping individuals and families, but also helping rebuild the local communities.



“We asked you to come help us rebuild our fences but you guys have done way more than that, you have helped us rebuild our broken community.  For that we are forever grateful to you and all the amazing volunteers.” 

Maree Perkins, Monto, Qld, 2013 Floods.




Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, 2014

BlazeAid volunteers will again be volunteering at this year’s Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. Volunteers are needed from Wednesday 16 July to Wednesday 23 July, to help set up for the Show, help over the weekend, then pack up after the event. Volunteers need to be fit and capable of moving items around the venue.


Last year, the proceeds of the Donated Fleece Sales were donated to BlazeAid. This year, the Make a Wish Foundation will be receiving the proceeds.


BlazeAid volunteers who would like to register to volunteer can contact Steven Coles at  (Enquiries can be made with Lyn at BlazeAid on 0400 833 262).




Drought Relief Assistance in Qld


BlazeAid is providing assistance to families in the Richmond & Julia Creek region of Qld who have been devastated by drought. We’ve set up differently to our usual Basecamp system.


Work is underway in the areas around Richmond and Julia Creek, Qld.


Volunteers with a variety of skills are needed to help out with a range of work (not just fencing).


At the moment, there’s a  particular need for volunteers with carpentry and motor mechanic skills to help on a number of outback stations.


Please visit our Volunteering Information page for more details.




Click here to hear the ABC’s interview: “Virginia Tapp talks to BlazeAid volunteers helping out with the drought.”





2014 bushfires.


For information about volunteering at one of our basecamps, please go to our Volunteering Information page.


Please note – we don’t keep lists of potential volunteers, as we don’t have the resources to contact people individually. Please keep checking this website for details for the basecamps, which we’ll add as soon as they’re available.




Fencing from our Victorian basecamps is underway at:

- Clarkefield, near Sunbury.


We still need more volunteers at our basecamp at Clarkefield, Vic.  There is still a significant amount of fencing to be done from this basecamp, and we estimate that volunteers will be needed until late July.

Even if you can only come for a day, you will help make a difference. Clarkefield basecamp is only a short distance from Melbourne, so you can easily join us for a day, or a weekend, or longer.


Our basecamp at Laharum, The Grampians has closed.


Our basecamp at Wandong has closed.


Please visit our Contacts Page for phone numbers and email addresses.



South Australia


Our basecamp at Wirrabara, SA has closed.


Heartfelt thanks go to PFG Australia who donated a ride-on mower to the Wirrabara Recreation Reserve after theirs was stolen earlier this year. Well done to Camp Coordinator, Eugene Ross, who brought it to fruition.



Our basecamp at Angaston (previously Palmer), SA has closed.





There are currently no basecamps in NSW, and no plans to establish any.




Governor General Cosgrove’s visit to BlazeAid


Governor General


Australia’s new Governor General, His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove, and Lady Cosgrove visited our basecamp at Wandong (Victoria) on Monday, 7 April 2014. It was a wonderful, memorable day of celebrating everyone who’s helped make BlazeAid such a success.





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More BlazeAid Camp Coordinators are needed.

Would you like to volunteer as a BlazeAid Camp Coordinator? Our basecamps can only run with the help of these dedicated volunteers. If you’re interested, please click here for more information.




Rural landowners in all Australian States If you have been affected by a natural disaster, please visit our Fencing Help page for information about having BlazeAid volunteers working with you.

Click here for information about How to Establish a BlazeAid basecamp in your area.





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BlazeAid President’s Report

2 October 2013


A thousand acts of kindness are done every day in BlazeAid by hundreds of thoughtful people.
In this report I hope to highlight many of these thoughtful deeds … Click here to read more



If you would like to see the final Fencing Statistics for 2013, please click here.





BlazeAid relies entirely on donations.


Please note, we now have a new bank account with the Bendigo Bank. 

For information about donating to BlazeAid, please visit our Donations page, which includes our Donations Wish List. You can now also donate via PayPal. Donations to BlazeAid can now be Tax Deductible – please visit our Donations page for details of how to donate to receive a tax receipt.



BlazeAid Administrator (Contractor)

BlazeAid has received a tied Funding Grant from the Thyne Reid Foundation to pay for a BlazeAid Administrator for May 2013 to May 2015. We are very grateful to the members of the Thyne Reid Foundation for supporting BlazeAid as our work expands.


With the massive increase in BlazeAid activity over the past three years, the Administrative work has increased significantly. Lyn Bailey has been a Volunteer since June 2009. She established most of the administrative and bookkeeping procedures for BlazeAid, in addition to working at various basecamps and helping run BlazeAid. She has been appointed as the BlazeAid Administrator for BlazeAid, and works as a Contractor (paid on an hourly basis for time worked).


When the annual funding from the Thyne Reid Foundation has been spent, Lyn will return to working as a BlazeAid Volunteer . Her position on the BlazeAid Committee continues to be in a voluntary capacity.


All donations received by BlazeAid will continue to go directly to our work of helping rebuild fencing and working with communities after natural disasters. Donations will not be used to fund or support the Administration position in any way.




BlazeAid Patron
Ian “Macca” McNamara is the Patron of BlazeAid. We thank him for his wonderful support in helping BlazeAid find volunteers to help with our fence rebuilding. ABC radio and TV have been invaluable in their support of BlazeAid since its inception in 2009. Hundreds of our volunteers have heard about BlazeAid through the ABC, especially on Macca s Australia All Over. We look forward to a long ongoing relationship with the ABC, especially with Macca on Sunday mornings.



Please visit our Noticeboard page for updates, including:

Cathy Gagiero’s book, The Curse of Verse. Cathy will donate 10% of sales of her book to BlazeAid.

Interviews with BlazeAid volunteers, including Martine Harte’s interview with Rhonda Butler for her Engaging Women website.



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BlazeAid volunteers:

Not just rebuilding fences, but helping rebuild lives.