BlazeAid is a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, our volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.

Equally important, volunteers also help to lift the spirits of people who are often facing their second or third flood event after years of drought, or devastating losses through bushfires. BlazeAid volunteers work in a disaster-affected area for many months, not only helping individuals and families, but also helping rebuild the local communities.


Tandems to Dunnedo

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We now have enough offers to help to tow the 18 Blazeaid trailers from Fulton Hogan Transport depot in Laverton to Dunedoo or Cassilis to help with the Sir Ivan ( Central West NSW) fire recovery
I have allowed for a few extra drivers in case some offers do not eventuate and I am asking the trailers to be shifted on a First Available basis as we need them desperately for refencing work to start up there.

So drivers please ensure that you phone up to book in and confirm that there is a trailer for you to tow with Richard and Mark at FultonHogan – before you leave home.

Ensure beforehand that your name is written on the trailer as yours to tow.

Many of you are kindly travelling long distances to do this and so I don’t want any disappointments through lack of communication.

Kevin Butler
Blazeaid President



Honour Board Volunteers 2009 – 2016

BlazeAid Receives assistance from farmer groups in South Australia 

Blazeaid received delivery of 6 new fully equipped combat trailers and 1 workshop trailer.  Many thanks to Viterra, Glencore and Lower North Grain Growers in South Australia.  This will help Blazeaid’s future assistance to those families and communities effected by natural disaster in South Australia.



BlazeAid honoured with Order of the Outback   

BlazeAid volunteers:
Not just rebuilding fences, but helping rebuild lives.

“We asked you to come help us rebuild our fences but you guys have done way more than that, you have helped us rebuild our broken community.  For that we are forever grateful to you and all the amazing volunteers.”
Maree Perkins, Monto, Qld, 2013 Floods.

Rural communities in all Australian States

If you have been affected by a natural disaster, please visit our Fencing Help page for information about having BlazeAid volunteers working with you.

Please click here for information about How to Establish a BlazeAid basecamp in your area.

Please note – we don’t keep lists of potential volunteers, as we don’t have the resources to contact people individually. Please keep checking this website for details of future basecamps after natural disasters.


7 News | BlazeAid volunteers show Aussie spiritAussie spirit from BlazeAid volunteers.It was an emotional day today as farmers near Ballarat got a helping hand after devastating fires.


BlazeAid’s Work 2009 – 2015

Overview Statistics 2009 – 2016

These figures show the amazing amount of work done by our volunteers. However, they don’t reflect the humanitarian impact our volunteers have on the local communities. The help and hope that BlazeAid brings to rural families after natural disasters can’t be quantified, but is even more important than the fencing and other work completed.

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40203_listing_smallBlazeAid Patron
Ian “Macca” McNamara is the Patron of BlazeAid. We thank him for his wonderful support in helping BlazeAid find volunteers to help with our fence rebuilding. ABC radio and TV have been invaluable in their support of BlazeAid since its inception in 2009. Hundreds of our volunteers have heard about BlazeAid through the ABC, especially on Macca s Australia All Over. We look forward to a long ongoing relationship with the ABC, especially with Macca on Sunday mornings.


Please visit our Noticeboard page for updates, including:

  • Cathy Gagiero’s book, The Curse of Verse. Cathy will donate 10% of sales of her book to BlazeAid.
  • Interviews with BlazeAid volunteers, including Martine Harte’s interview with Rhonda Butler for her Engaging Women website.


Please check this website regularly for updates.

BlazeAid volunteers:

Not just rebuilding fences, but helping rebuild lives.

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